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High Output Landscape Spotlight

  • Brand: DEKOR
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A Powerful Landscape Spot Light Small Footprint

5 Year 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty from DEKOR

This compact LED landscape spot light produces 500 Lumens of light. The light features full angular and rotational articulation, robust construction, and is waterproof / weatherproof.

CREE XLamp Technology.  We use CREE’s latest second generation XLAMP technology which has only been available in recent months. With DEKOR™ and CREE’s branding partnership we have access to the latest LED technology from what we consider the “best in class” LED innovator. This LED is actually not a single LED but actually 82 individual leds. Truly, a feat of engineering LED design now housed in DEKOR™’s new Landscape Spot Light.DEKOR™ has carved out a niche market of producing products that are small in size but large in ability. The new DEKOR™ Spot Light follows that same philosophy. This light is incredibly small for a landscape spot light. The light's housing measures a mere 1.7” in diameter and is slightly less than 3” in length making it one of the smallest landscape spot lights on the market. One would not expect this small light to produce 500 lumens of light output but it does with ease. What’s truly remarkable about this light, is that with all that light output it runs virtually at ambient temperature. No other light can make this bold and true statement. Most Landscape lights that produce this amount of light are very hot to the touch almost to the point of a person being burned by touching it. Not DEKOR™’s spot light, which results in a very safe and efficient light to operate. Remember, heat is always wasted energy. Less heat, greater effeciency.

Full Angular and Rotational Articulation  The light housing can articulate a full 130° about it’s pivot point and the housing itself will rotate 45° in both directions further allowing you to put the light where you want it.

Energy Efficient.  The light is extremely efficient in power consumption as each light comes with a step-up transformer which increases the efficiency of the LED to the point it is drawing less than 670 milliamps of power. This allows you the ability to run multiple lights (6) from a single 5 amp DEKOR™ transformer. .

Waterproof.  The light is waterproof so rain or sprinkler systems are of no concern. Each light is subjected to a water test to make sure the light is impervious to water as well as an extensive bench testing to make sure the light performs to the highest standards.

Robust Construction.  The Spot Light is made from die cast aluminum components which are powder coated in our own facility and assembled using all stainless steel fasteners. We use a high output lens on the light which intensifies and focuses the light.

Plug-N-Play Connectors, CREE LEDs, EnergyStar Partner, UL and ETL safety rated, Made In USA

  • Waterproof
  • Warm white light
  • Dimmable CREE LEDs
  • Minimal installation
  • Robust construction
  • Rugged, long lasting, and durable
  • 5 year / 30 year warranty
  • Made in USA

Landscape SpotLight Package Contents

The light comes packaged with the following components;

( 1 ) High Output Spot Light Assembly
( 1 ) 36VDC Step-Up Transformer
( 1 ) Female to Female Plug-N-Play Connector
( 1 ) Hex Allen Wrench (7/64”)
( 1 ) Wiring Instructions

Approvals ETL (US and Canada) , CE (UK and Europe )
DEKOR Collection Millennium Outdoor
Dimensions Housing Diameter: 1.7" + Housing Length: maximum 3" + 16” Tall
Housing Diameter 1.7"
IP Rating 65
Life Expectancy > 20,000 hrs
Light Color Temperature 3200 ° K
Light Output 500 Lumens
Number of LEDS 32
Plug-N-Play 1
Power Efficiency 7.0 Watts
Warranty 5/30 Year Warranty
Waterproof Yes
Condition New
Country Made in the USA
Google Product Category Home & Garden > Lighting
Ships in: 2 - 3 Business Days

Instructions for High Output Landscape Spot Light

Download Landscape Spot Light Instructions.

Video: High Output LED Landscape Spot Light by DEKOR

Manufacturer Warranty

5 Year 30 Year Manufacturer Warranty from DEKOR

5 Year / 30 Year Warranty when used with a DEKOR® brand transformer.

No warranty when used with any other brand of transformer.