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MONTOLIT: Premium Quality Paver Cutters and Tools


For centuries the Italians have been cutting stone. From Roman piazzas to Michelangelo's David, Italians have known how to cut stone. So when it came to HARDSCAPE DEPOT™ choosing a paving stone cutter, Brevetti MONTOLIT was our only choice. We wanted a lightweight tool that was designed for splitting pavers, concrete block, even stone, that didn't require power, and was easy to move around a job site. The MONTOLIT 4L fit the bill. With blades made of special steel with a hardened, ground edge, this simple-to-use paver splitter is a reliable and economical way to get a natural looking cut. Precise enough for those tough fits, yet giving you an edge that looks like the stone or paver came that way. No grinder marks or change in the texture, just a clean cut.

HARDSCAPE DEPOT also offers the MONTOLIT 2lb rubber mallet that features a non-scratch rubber head. We are sure you’ll be as satisfied with the quality and durability of MONTOLIT paver tools as we are.

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