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PAVER-LITE Clear Glass Paver Block Light Brick Light 6" X 8" X 3.25"

  • Brand: DEKOR
  • Product Code: PAVER-LITE
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PAVER-LITE Clear Glass Paver Block Light / Brick Light 6" X 8" X 3.25"

The PAVER-LITE Paver Block Light is a robust illuminated glass paver / brick designed for block, brick, paver, and interlocking stone installations. It is waterproof and completely sealed, requiring no maintenance over it's lifetime. It will support the weight of any vehicle and makes an outstanding driveway lighting solution.

5 Year Warranty from DEKOR PAVER-LITE Features
  • 6" Wide X 8" Long X 3.25" High
  • Made from 1/4" thick molded glass
  • Rated at 600 PSI
  • Compatible with standard size paving stones
  • Long Life LEDs with surge protection
  • Energy efficient
  • Low operating cost
  • Robust and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Hermetically sealed
  • No maintenance
  • Dimmable with a DEKOR Dimmer
  • Fully Compatible with DEKOR WiFi Dimmer & WiFi Remote App
  • 5 Year Warranty when used with a DEKOR transformer
  • Made in the USA

The PAVER-LITE was originally designed to be installed with 6" X 9" paving blocks. Although commonly used to light patios, decks, pool borders, pillars, pathways and walkways, it is rated at 600 psi so it makes a fantastic driveway lighting solution; it can carry the weight of any vehicle, and is tough enough withstand years of light vehicular traffic.

Illuminated by extremely energy-efficient, long life LEDs, PAVER-LITE Paver Block Lights are designed to last for years. The lights have built-in surge protection to protect the LED circuitry. Finally, PAVER-LITES are backed by a 5 year warranty when used with a DEKOR brand transformer. As you would expect, a product with this quality and craftsmanship is made right here in the USA.

The PAVER-LITE Paver Block Light radiates a soft white light, the ambiance of incandescent lighting and the look of quality. These "glass brick" lights will beautifully accent your driveway, walkway, or patio with the elegance of real glass while adding safety and security to the landscape.

PAVER-LITEs will last for years and will give your customers a stand-out project they will love, accented by quality lighting that will only enhance your reputation and your company brand.

Approvals Rated at 600 psi
Dimensions 6" X 8" X 3.25"
Life Expectancy 50,000 hours (MBTF)
Waterproof Yes

Installation Instructions

PAVERLITE Install Intructions

Paver Block Installation Notes

This product is compatible with standard 6" X 9" paving blocks.

If you are using in a multi-block pattern, you will need to compensate for the slightly shorter length by applying 1/2" of grout at the top and bottom of each light block. You can also cut 9" blocks to match the 8" length of the PAVER-LITE.

Concrete Installation & Replacement Notes

This product is fully compatible with poured concrete walkways and driveways.

When embedding PAVER-LITEs in concrete, make sure you leave an extra loop of cable under the light block in the event it has to be removed.

Manufacturer Warranty

5 Year Manufacturer Warranty from DEKOR

5 Year Warranty when used with a DEKOR® brand transformer.

No warranty when used with any other brand of transformer.