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4L Paver Splitter Paver Cutter by Montolit™

  • Brand: MONTOLIT
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Professional Montolit™ Paver Splitter / Paver Cutter

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty from Montolit

The MONTOLIT 4L is a PRO grade paving block cutter designed for cutting and splitting all types of all types of concrete paving blocks, vibrated concrete and agglomerates, even of considerable thickness, up to 4" in height.

This paver splitter is fast, accurate and reliable. It doesn't require electricity and doesn't create the dust and mess of a brick or chop saw. The unit is equipped with wheels for easy transport to and around the job site and allows you to operate quickly and precisely without an electrical power source.

Cutting height is adjustable; simply adjust for the thickness of the piece by turning the thumb-screw. The blades easily adapt to the surfaces of the block even if the thickness is ot uniform. The ergonomic shaped control lever makes cutting quick and accurate.

The blades are made of special hardened steel with a ground cutting edge. The support table is large and can support up to 99 lbs of block weight. Cutting capacity is up to 4" in height and a cutting width of 16".

Built in the Italian Tradition

For centuries the Italians have been cutting and sculpting stone the "old fashioned" way using a chiseled edge . Montolit™ has honed this art by developing a line of manual cutters capable of high pressure cutting without the need for high impact striking allowing you to make precise, professional cuts while minimizing the long-term wear on your body.

A Paver Splitter Built To Last

Finally the MONTOLIT 4L Paving Block Cutter is built to last; the device itself is very strong, robust, and comes with a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty. Please note: cutting blades are not covered by this warranty as they may be subject to daily wear and tear.

There isn't a better paver splitter / paver cutter on the market and that's why HARDSCAPE DEPOT™ offers it.

Maximum Cutting Length 16 inches
Maximum Cutting Thickness 4 inches
Power Breaking 9.039 lbs

Video: Paving Block Cutter Demonstration by MONTOLIT

Manufacturer Warranty

Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty from Montolit

"Manually operated tile cutters, tile drills, block cutters and roof tile cutters are covered by a lifetime warranty (claims allowed at the sole discretion of Brevetti MONTOLIT S.p.A., Engineering Department) in respect of construction defect. Defects resulting from improper use or from normal wear and tear are excluded from the terms of these warranties.”